Unique Scents

Domus Meus Candles replicate scents from all over the world.

Candles inspired by real stories of immigrants. Our mission is to create a sensory experience that has the power to immerse you into the atmosphere of a different country in the most authentic way.


Our Origins

"Domus Meus" is latin for My Home

DOMUS MEUS is a unique project, where strong and courages people share their stories of leaving their homes and building new lives for themselves in an unfamiliar country.

Memories of their original home will always have a special place in their hearts and minds. By reproducing scents that remind them of home we bring a tangible product that has strong sentimental value.

For many this is a chance to travel the globe through the eyes of natives around the world. Unique experiences only known to locals are now available to anyone from the convenience of their homes.

Environmental Responsibility

100% Recycled Spanish glass containers

Biodegradable and recyclable shipping packaging

Soy wax and non-toxic fragrance oils


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Hamilton, Ontario


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